let’s plot our love

i actually tried to do some research into this topic.  what is the percentage of people who break-up, then get back together, and then make it last as a long term relationship?  well, i couldn’t find any stats on that but i did find some on why people breakup and who does the breaking up (women!).  i found it particularly funny that the number one reason why girls breakup with guys is because of infidelity.  the number one reason why guys breakup with girls is because they feel like they’ve grown apart!  c’mon guys, you’re making all of us look bad.  first you break up, and then you date another girl!

i really enjoyed drawing this strip.  i think the powerpoint charts threw in something different to spice it up some.

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  1. it’s a business tool used to analyze how good a new business might fare. strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. it apparently also works for relationships.

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