online dating

the statistic i found online is that 63% of married couples met through a network of friends.  now imagine using a network such as the internet, with social sites like facebook, myspace, linkedin, etc.  i’ll even go a step further and say more people than you know are using online dating service, like match, eharmony, plentyoffish, etc.  just seems to me that in a world where people are so busy trying to find themselves, why not take advantage of online dating to help you find that special someone.  “we met online” may not have the same romantic impact as “we met at school” but at least you met and it was on your terms.  suffice to say, i’m a supporter of online dating.

and yes, i got lazy this week.  if they’re at a bar, there seriously should be more people in there.  at least a bartender!

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  1. I have tried online dating, and while I did meet some interesting women and grew close to them, things never worked out because they were always too far away (most of the time in another state). The peril of internet dating is realizing that although you might talk daily and strike things up, at some point you either have to wrench your life and move closer to her or she has to do the same and move closer to you.

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