fine line

there’s a fine line between chilvary and sexist.  on one hand, doing something for a woman is considered nice and gentlemanly.  on the other, doing that something could be construed as believing a woman is incapable of doing it herself.  so where is that fine line?  i haven’t a clue!  i just think sometimes the same could be said in reserve.  there are some things that guys historically do that perhaps woman should do too.

art-wise, i’m getting a bit more used to a new jet brush that allows for thicker, bolder strokes. but it takes a lot more control for the thin, finer lines.  but hopefully the line thickness helps convey the emotion more.

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  1. chivalry is nice. I can’t say it isn’t sometimes a surprise or appreciated but you’re totally right in saying that there is a fine line. It’s usually a different line for every girl too. I think you’ll find that most girls will tell you where they stand on that line if you ask them up front.

    Girls like Ivy who don’t even get the concept of asking a guy out drive me crazy but then again, there’s something fun about the… (sorry about the word) chase. I think you’ll find most girls enjoy being asked out but I know quite a few men who’d really like to be asked for a change.

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