secret agent finn


doodling the other day.  hope it’s not too racy. it’s supposed to be secret agent finn and the “real” version of elle.

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  1. hey mann wats up i met you up at MegaCon i remember u gave me some really gud advice on how to start a web comic online i just wanted to say thanxx but i forgot what site you gave me lol also ur cartoons r halarioous n im lovin da agent finn haha well continue makin comics funny n i’ll continue readin um – joe:)!

  2. great to hear from you joe! not sure what site i recommended but here are some in case you’re still interested. you can get a free one and very professional looking one at, which is powered by google (i think). and if you’re getting more serios with your own domain, then i’ll suggest with the comicpress plugin. thanks again for reading joe!

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