as relationships get closer and progress, there are some of those conversations that are “game-changers.”  questions like marraige, religion, politics, finances, etc.  i think these conversations are imperative, if only to avoid big problems in the future.  every so often i hear stories about how relationships, and even marraiges, break up because of they didn’t take the time to talk thru these things.  the tricky part of course is the timing of the question!  imagine asking being on a first date with a girl and asking her how many kids she wants!  hmm, then again, that could be a good pickup line…

colorful blankets!  nothing too difficult but it was fun to see the end product.  had a reader send in a suggestion for improvement and youshould be seeing that starting with this strip and others.  there was a faint white line around my blank inks and by adjusting the layer blending properties, they’re “magically gone!”

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  1. I just noticed the Magazine that Finn is reading….nice touch. Maybe Elle will get Finn a “e” shirt for their anniversary…

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