certain degree

how many things in your relationship can you do but your partner shouldn’t?  every relationship is different and with it comes a different criteria for a double standard.  is it the guy should mow the grass and the girl shouldn’t?  as much as we try to get away from gender specific roles, i still think every relationship has a certain degree of a double standard.  so what level are you comfortable with?  i don’t think there’s a right or wrong level, simply what works for a relationship.  well, got to go, my turn to cook tonight.

not sure if pulled off what i had envisioned in my mind.  i was trying to make each panel bigger and “in your face” to get more dramatic with each panel, signaling the spat between elle and finn was getting more heated.  and as for the storyline, i thought it was important to show how every couple eventually goes through some disagreements.  but hey, this is a light-hearted comic strip, i promise it won’t get too heated!

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