date package – step 3

here we have it, the last and very important step to any date – the closing.  not sure many people take advantage of this moment, but it could pay back huge dividends if done right.  and it’s a probably very nervous time, but you just gotta step up and do something amzing, that way they’ll have something to remember you by – a lasting impression.  the only thing you gotta we careful about is not to be, well, weird.  keep it simple, like a nice present or a nice compliment.  i’d avoid references to battlestar galatica.

artwork, it’s such a huge help to have life models to go from, from body movements to background at, like the jeep in this week’s strip.  i was reading about Marvel’s foray into the motion comic scene (not exactly animated) with thier first comic, spider woman, with art by Alex Maleev.  he actually has a huge library of pictures of building and backgrounds that he draws and photshops from.  and then he actually hires a model so he can draw poses from her.  awesome.

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