ahhh, the unavoidable and bound-to-happen fights.  whether it’s like once a  year or every week, i think most people would agree arguments or disagreements are going to happen sometime.  and it’s so interesting cause everybody has their level of tolerance as well as reactions or impacts to it.  i mean, some people are ok having arguments every other week and then they just stay passionate.  others have one bump and they’re outta there!  so what’s the key?  i think it comes back to why you’re fighting – for yourself (selfish) or for the relationship?  but as soon as tears become involved, she’s always right.

i think i may try to do more strips where you let the art do the talking as much as possible.  it forces me to make sure every piece of art is contributing to the punchline.  everything, from character movements to background details should all add up to the punchline.

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