the down side

not much to sayhere besides being sick is not fun.  although, i have to say, the one silver lining with being sick is having an excuse to lay on the couch all day, under a blanket, and watching box seasons of tv shows, like How I Met Your Mother.  or better yet, watching Battlestar Galactica again.  hmm, maybe i should try to get sick…

it’s always fun to draw realistic once in awhile.  this time we mix in some drastic color changes too.  but i am starting to feel abit stagnant in my growth here.  i think i need to challenge myself a bit more.  i know every line in the drawing is supposed to add to the punchline (if i have one!), but i feel like i need more line at details.  after seeing the finalist from the Amazon Comic Strip Superstar, i realize i need to up my game artwise!

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