thank you baby?

let’s admit something.  we’re selfish.  in varying degrees, one way or another, we’re all selfish.  perhaps a nicer way of saying it is, we reciperacate.  so, if someone takes care of you, you’ll probably want to take car of them.  either because you’re a nice person or because you want to repay the debt.  the question i have is, can you get to the point in a relationship where the reaction and expectation for reciperacation goes away entirely?  can the character elle give and give, and never want for anything back and be happy?  not sure, but i think in a relationship, that’s the attitude one should have.  keep giving, keep expecting nothing, and be happy.

friend and i recently did a 10 hour comic stip day where we go for, well, 10 hours straight of working on our comic strips.  pretty happy with the way some of them turned out and excited to when i finally post them.  december marks the beginning of working on megacon orlando for me.  got lots to do!!

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