stay or run?

ahhh, the age old question – do you chase after an angry partner if they walk away?  and honestly, i don’t think there’s a right answer here, just preference.  maybe the partner that walks away angry really needs some time to just cool off before they can talk rationally again.  or maybe you need to run after them cause any delay signifies “younot caring.”  hmmm, tough one.  my approach is just never get in a fight!  ha, yeah right!  seriously, my approach would be to pose this hypothetical question when you’re both calm and just ask him/her what their preference is!  and voila, i am now armed with what to do in that situation (hoping you don’t have to use it often)!

artwork wise, it’s all perspective here.  i never said anything about the actual strip being funny, but i really enjoyed the different angle here.  it was inspired some random party picture i found online and took it from there.  i find when i get an imagination block, instead of wallowing, i just subject myself to online pics or just walk around.

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