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friends date friends.  given a circle of friends, some of them are bound to date each other.  and if things don’t work out, maybe that friend will date another friend in the same circle.  i guess when you’re looking for love, it’s understandable to look where you’re most comfortable and familiar.  the tough social etiquette here is can you date a friend’s ex, and if so, how to go about it.  one wrong move and you could be forever labeled a back-stabber.  but several right moves could lead to a great relationship.  is it worth the attempt?

artwork-wise, we play around some more with silouettes and i’ve definitely got to make my characters more identifiable with just their outlines.  according to the guys of How to Make a Webcomic, one thing i should strive for to make my characters outstanding, is that their profile or outline should be immediately recognizable.

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  1. Don’t know if I’d date my friend’s ex, but I’d date my ex’s friend. Especially if the relationship was short-lived and pointless and you were incompatible, and there were no feelings involved…and the friend was awesome.

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