elle, finn, and ivy

did this awhile back and finally getting around to posting it.  this is the first step i do, which is just pencils.  the next couple steps, inking, scanning, coloring, touch-ups, and maybe lettering are all challenging in their own ways, but as an artist, this is still my favorite step!

as i was drawing this, i knew i wanted to draw real-life finn sitting in the center, flanked by elle and ivy.  i always have a hard time creating backdrops, so i just stole this one from where i was sitting, at a starbucks coffee shop.  the lighting apparatus was a google image find and the ottoman was actually from my house.  (love ottomans!)  now, the painting in the background was something spontaneous.  i knew the backdrop needed something, but obviously not to dramatic as to overwhelm the foreground.  so, to drive home the point of elle, finn, and ivy, i just drew their comic strip version.  i loved the way it turned out, and hope you do too!

pencils first!

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