well, last strip for this year and i think we’re ending the year on a good note!  the only point i have here is hey, just gotta enjoy the simple moments.  i know i’m guilty of keeping too busy and sometimes more focused on accomplishing and getting to the next thing on the list.  sometimes it’s ok to give yourself permission to just relax, and enjoy life.  do nothing for a day.  play PS3 for 16hours straight.  whatever you do, just enjoy and take frequent bathroom breaks.

i don’t know why i didn’t think about it before, but how about some snow for winter and the holiday season!  i gues living in florida with no physical difference between the seasons, i’ve been jaded.  in any case, pretty happy with the way this one turned out.  when i was drawing this, i was NOT looking good along the way.  but i had invested so much time into it already, i just kept with it, and turns out i had to wait til the end to see the full impact.  i actually inked the whole thing and applied white out on top of i to portray the snow sitting on the branches and falling.  (photoshop to clean up of course!)

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