what do i do?!

it’s always rough seeing your significant other going through a rough, frustrating day.  it’s not about you but it’s definitely impacting you.  so, what do you do about it?  i think my natural tendency is to try to solve it.  i would ask questions, get to the root of the problem, and then offer suggestions.  my thinking is if we could solve it, the situation wouldn’t be frustrating anymore!  wow, was i wrong.  what i learned was if they’re frustrated, most likely they just want someone to listen and to understand/sympathize.  it’s not that they’re not smart enough to solve it themselves, so it’s patronizing to solve it for them.  it’s a very interesting dynamic – wanting to jump in and help, but instead just sitting there and listening.

artwork wise, nothing too new, just got more expressive with the border in the third panel. i really wanted to highlight the urgent, time-critical situation finn was in so i was trying to ‘jar’ the camera and have him pop outside of the panel framing.  hmm, maybe i should’ve drawn some motion blurs around his head too…

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  1. Came out perfectly. Motion blurs would have looked too cheesy

    Love the comic, by the way. The art is always fresh, and you seem to take your subject matter seriously just little enough to poke fun at it.

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