slow tendancy

it’s amazing how people morph and adapt to each others habits.  i’m not talking about just significant others, but also friends.  it seems like the more time we spend with each other, the more we pick up habits, ways of doing things, when to do things, etc.  i find it amazing because even with just myself, i know i have tons of things that i do just the way i like it.  where i leave the remote controls.  how i have used cups all over the house.  but yet, it’s so easy to ‘mesh’ with someone too.  there’s been times when i’ve shown up to parties or work wearing the same thing as my friend.  i guess i’ll draw the line when i start showing up wearing the same things as my girl friends.

been wanting to do a nighttime scene for awhile now.  pretty basic stuff.  next time i’ll throw in some window moonlight and maybe cast shadows.  simple and fun.

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