ragging and raggidy

now, this strip depicts it very lightly, but ragging among friends seems to be an age old tradition.  the customary greeting among friends (more likely among male friends?) to insult each other upon seeing each other is hilarious!  how did this start?!  i would argue that it’s a form of showing affection and appreciation, but it’s a society barrier to explicitly express that to each other.  therefore, instead of saying, “hey, it’s wonderful to talk to you again, i missed you,” we say, “hey, no wonder i haven’t seen you in awhile, i’d want to hide that face too.”

had a good time drawing the strip this week.  the joke and also the last panel idea was given to me by lance, who is a constant source of humor ideas.  got a little lazy drawing any actual hiking background, but hopefully i’m saying more by drawing less!

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