true motivation

what do you do when the person you’re dating says, “i’m just not looking for anything serious?”  in my opinion, that’s a total excuse for not saying, “i’m just not that interested in you, for any number of reasons, but this sounds much better.”  i think if you’re interested enough, you’ll probably hang out and continue dating, in hopes of changing his or her mind.  and you know what, i’m rooting for you.  i do hope things work out for you but at the same time, you’ve got to build in that layer of protection so that you don’t get too hurt and can walk away from it if need be.

scarlet hair!  you can’t beat that!  and i love the borderless first panel!  stay tuned though, the next three weeks should be exciting as i prepare for my second year at Orlando’s MegaCon event, where i’ll be sporting a booth again!

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