easy decision

what is the right thing to do here?  what if you’re dating someone and you know most likely that it isn’t going to work out long term, do you break up when you’re reasonably sure or do you just continue dating?  if you have no other potential interests, why not continue dating because who knows what may happen.  maybe something will spark and all of a sudden, he/she’s the perfect mate!  but, if you continue dating, is it considered stringing them along?  i believe this question applies equally to both sexes, by the way!  i think the point you absolutely have to break up with the person is if you know he/she thinks the relationship is going one way and you know it’s going the other.  you owe it to the other person to be honest.  if you don’t, that’s how crazy ex’s are created!

had some good fun drawing this week’s strip, with the dancing and some perspective angles from the couch.  also, i’m still trying to take some of Bill Watterson’s advice (which i read from Nevin Martell’s Looking for Calvin and Hobbes), which is create a situation, then allow your characters to deal and react to it.  i agree, it turns out much more organic and easy to write.

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  1. Hey where’d Ace’ s Headphones go? Ace is the kind of guy that goes to the club and dances to his iPhone/iPod. Also, good job conveying the situations there, the girl and movie paint the picture well.

  2. Looks great. Dance floor’s a little dark, though. It’s almost impossible to see Aly’s boots or the delicate shading work.

  3. Being single allows you to hook up with someone else. The Born Loser comic strip had one that I clipped and kept years ago, when I was single:

    “I knew Rufus wasn’t Mr. Right, but I kept dating him anyway, hoping Mr. Right would come along. And then when Mr. Right came along, he saw that I was with Rufus.”

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