i find it interesting how people perceive things and then make it fit within their reality of understanding.  it’s not like any one of us has the totally correct perspective on everything, and i think that’s why it’s so great to have lots of friends who have different viewpoints but enough commonality to understand each other.  i mean, it’s hard to relate to someone when they’re way out there, right?  how can you trust that person to correctly understand your story?  then again, maybe you’re the one with the distorted perspective and your friend has it right!  oh snap!

playing with the perspective some more, which i think turned out really nice.  and instead of just a plain background in the third panel with the silhouette, added some color to spice it up.  also, a shout-out to my friend chibar’s webcomic Life Items, coming soon!

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  1. I just find it funny that people THAT full of themselves always end up in bad relationships and get disappointed constantly.

    It’s nice to be humble sometimes. “… nothing holds back the way of tea more than attachment to oneself and feelings of self-satisfatcion; we must always be aware of our own shortcomings…” Murata Juko – Zen Monk

  2. Not to mention the coffee cup in the foreground! It’s always good to strive for layers in your shot. You have a nice mix of foreground, background, and action going on. 🙂

  3. na’amah, no kiddin! it’s a theory but i think people like that simply attract that kind of drama in their life. but what can you do!

    chris, thanks! lately i’ve been really trying to stretch my artwork skills and keep doing creative things with the strip. although bill watterson does say to simply draw just enough to get the point across and let the reader do more of the imagining. or something like that!

  4. Ah! I looked for that book at Barnes and Nobles, but they don’t carry it. I think I’ll get it on Amazon. I grew up with Calvin and Hobbes in my heart. 😀

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