anger management

why do i get so angry when one of my shows didn’t record?!  in this day and age, most likely i find that show instantly online but there’s something about checking your DVR and not seeing it there, happily waiting for you.  i still remember the ‘old days’ with VCRs and how often i messed up my tape recording because i had it on AM instead of PM or if i accidentally recorded over a show!  (my kids one day will be like, “what is this VCR device you speak of papa?”)  the absolute worse is if it’s your favorite tv show, which nowadays is Stargate Universe!

the return on the sunday strip!  i didn’t realize how long it’s been since i’ve done a larger format sunday strip and it really is a lot of fun.  i guess it’s meant to be a stand alone strip so i really try for a topic and joke worthy enough of all that space and it’s hard sometimes.  i’m really happy at how the 4 panels evolving the ‘hulking out’ of finn turned out.  although byt he 4th panel, he probably should’ve used the entire panel and had no white space, to really make use of it.

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  1. Love the layout: nice change in colors along the middle strip and drawing outside of the boxes. Great job on the poses and facial expressions!

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