i don’t know about you, but if i’m having a bad day, i look SO forward to finally getting home and totally indulging myself.  that indulgence may include getting some takeout food, renting a movie, and just chilling on the couch.  there’s something therapeutic about having that pure selfish time to look forward to.  late, it feels like the world is running on fast forward and everybody is stressed out.  for me, it’s even more important to just shut out the world for a few hours to calm the soul.

i enjoy the strips where it’s minimal on the words, forcing me to really have the artwork tell the story.  this week’s challenge is the fifth panel, with the lighting effect of the lightning.  hopefully i did it right, showing only the colors that would be highlighted.  and KRAKA-BOOM!

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  1. your comics literaly inspire me, its like a fortune cookie for me! my day was just like this, finn comics is the highlight of my week.

  2. hey, thanks so much beccah! i really really try to make them relatable as much as possible. trust me, i get them far off ideas sometimes and it would be funny, but totally unrealistic. thanks for the read and hope it continues to brighten your day!

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