remind me why

is that really the key?  everybody at some point goes through some depressed days, and maybe it was because of a specific incident or maybe it’s just the culmination of stress in today’s world.  either way, is the way to get through to focus on those good things in your life?  easier said than done.  in moments like that, it’s just so tough to even find that ONE thing that brings a sense of comfort.  that’s why you should hang out with friends, even though you don’t feel like it.  they’re remind you why you’re so awesome!

for this week’s strip, it’s all about body language.  i think i’ve gotten steadily better with this over the past few months and i’m still looking to improve it.  in real life, body language says so much sometimes and if i can get my art to convey that, i think it’ll be a lot more powerful.  and hopefully it doesn’t become a crutch, but i’ve been relying on real-life poses and pictures to do these strips.

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