dr. sketchy in july

so, i went to this sketching event last night called Dr. Sketchy.  once a month, at this sake/tea lounge, they have a model come, dressed in sometimes wacky, but always interesting outfits.  they start off with 1 minute poses, then 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and finally 15 minutes.  so for two hours, this sake lounge is packed with artists just sketching what they see.  (there were some photographers too.)  i gotta say, it was a lot of fun and that two hours just flew by!  i’ll try to make it every month and take a real picture so you can compare my sketches to the real model.  for this month though, you’ll just to have to believe me my sketches are dead on!

Dr. Sketchy




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  1. thanks ryan! and very perceptive cause last night was the first time I used Copic markers for sketching. surprisingly, it worked out great, allowing for pretty decent control of line art. gonna get some more and try my hand at coloring too. ever heard of them or use them?

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