dragon steps

it’s a significant step in the relationship when you go on your first overnight trip together.  whether it be in the next town or to another continent, the fact is being with someone continuously is a big deal.  it’s easy to be yourself for 3 hours in front of your significant other on a date but it’s a different situation entirely to be yourself for 24 hours straight.  to see how that person goes to bed and what that person’s nature is when he/she wakes allows you to learn a lot.  i guess what i’m saying is you can’t hide your true nature for that long and that’s why a trip is the perfect situation to discover that.

this week we have a dragon.  was the dragon the best way to metaphorically depict the strip’s punchline?  prob not.  but it’s a dragon!  i have to admit, not entirely happy with the way i colored it and perhaps i needed more background detail.  in any case, it was fun to draw and allow the art to do all of the talking this week.  hope you enjoy!

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