when in Rome

so, you’re on your first trip with your significant other and there’s A LOT that can happen that can cause stress.  here’s a helpful tip – focus on your partner, not the destination.  i absolutely love traveling and seeing all the wondrous things the world has to offer, especially knowing it’ll prob be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  so, i find myself getting caught up in all those rare things to see and planning as much of it as possible in the trip – but then i try to take a step back.  what’s important here is that my partner is just as happy on this trip.  as long as he/she stays happy on the trip, i’d venture to say the entire trip will be happier.  now, if only i’d actually remember my own advice…

i didn’t know what i was getting myself into when i picked Rome as their destination!  the elaborate background was a bit of a challenge and i found myself trying to strike the balance between details and keeping it stylishly simple.  then i decided to use the power of Photoshop and throw in some actual color shading and a lens flare too!  but the lettering was a challenge as i didn’t want the balloons to cover up all that artwork, which i thought was important to the storytelling.

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  1. I definitely like the backgrounds and see your concerns in covering it up. But the transparent word balloons make it a little hard to read in the second panel. Hmmm. Tough call.

  2. not sure if you still read these, but this was me and my exes first vacation together. w/ my family, 2years, we stayed in a hotel right across from Trevie(sp?) fountain, ohhhwomen, if only i coulda actually have said yes to her moving down to me.

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