posture change

i have to admit, i never realized the significance of the conversion from ‘dating’ to ‘going steady.’  indeed, there are some emotional and physical changes that occur when that moment is agreed upon.  (which by the way, should always be verbally declared and agreed to!)  perhaps one of the most important changes is the reaction to mistakes.  i mean, if the person you’re dating makes a mistake, then maybe you start thinking if it’s worthy to break up over or if it’ll continue to bug you in the future.  whereas, if the person you’re going steady with makes a mistake, then you start thinking how do we talk about it, resolve it, compromise, whatever it takes to work through it.  i guess the question is, do you want to work it out or just break up?

decided to go for the simple white backgrounds, which i hoped would pop out the action in the panels.  definitely like the way the movements turned out.  and i have no idea why finn is wearing such high socks.

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