quota is met

let’s be honest, before anyone makes that plunge and commit to going steady with someone, there’s that internal checklist of items that person has to meet in order to “pass.”  the question is, what’s on your checklist?  does that person have to be funny?  or do they just have to laugh at my jokes?!  does the person have enough ambition in life?  can they hold their own in a conversation?  can they hold a conversation with your friends?  there’s just so many factors that i doubt any of us actually makes a list with check boxes in it.  but i think what happens is is that we have an internal alarm that just sounds when enough of the boxes are checked and boom!  you realize it’s time to go steady.  but… i do encourage you to learn as many of your (and theirs) check boxes as possible.

had a real tough time with that second panel.  ended up redrawing it like 3 times in order to fit all that action in it.  i mean, it’s a pretty simple concept, but the angle, body movement, etc., were tough to capture in one frame.  hope it works!

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