red buttons

don’t lie.  i know you’ve felt like this before.  where there are certain topics that you should really think about what you mean before you say anything.  let’s call these certain topics “red buttons.”  if you press these red buttons, prepare for a difficult discussion and definitely some apologies.  on the flip side, it’s not enough to just know about the red buttons.  if you have a red button, you owe it to yourself, and your future partner to minimize/eliminate these red buttons.  as we go on this quest to better ourselves, we should really work on these topics, whether it be anger or jealousy or just pet peeves.  if not, people will push these red buttons and then BOOM!

this week, i tried to use more dark shadows but didn’t get nearly as dark as i wanted.  i was inspired by a great comic book artist, Mike Deodato Jr. in his artwork, there’s such a contrast that it really deepens and intensifies the mood.  i think i’ve got to get back to a much more experimental mode and just play with the art.  it might work, it might not!

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