just tell me already

and from the girl’s perspective… they’re totally right. i think most of us have been in that situation where all she wants is for him to say that specific something. and in all perfect honesty, he really doesn’t know what that specific thing is! but as soon as she tells him what that thing is, it doesn’t mean that much anymore. (kinda like the movie Inception!) so, what’s the trick here? well, for me, i can only come at it from a guy’s perspective, which would be just tell us what to say! because even though it won’t mean as much, as least it’ll mean a little something (which is better than nothing!). and maybe over time and training, he’ll learn what the right thing to say is. maybe.

after a lot of deliberation over what that final punchline should be, the challenge was how to draw it to sell the punchline. and dare i say, i think i pulled it off! i think the life-like poses are really looking good, but looking at it again right now, i realize i should do more with emotional faces. i mean, in panel 2, the red-headed girl should have a lot more expression, even a little anger.

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  1. Maybe I am dense, but my GF is a thousand time better at understanding my feelings than I am at understanding hers. But I guess her feelings are more complex than “eat, video games, sleep”…

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