balance with confidence

this week i’d like to reset a little and go back to basics – the ever crucial first date! do you plan the first date around all the things you like to do? or do you try and guess what she likes and plan around that? i think it’s important, even on the first date, to not bend over too far because then it’ll be an unnatural position for you and she might get used to it. i would say, best to do a little of both. try to get something in the first date that you know she’ll like, but at the same time, take her to one of your favorite places. and on top of that, you’ll feel comfortable in your own environment, which will give you more confidence. (even though when i poll my girl friends, they say they’d actually give a guy a couple dates before they give up on him!)

and whew, coloring these landscape scenes always take so much time! but dare i say, i really like how it turned out. i try not to use gradients too much when coloring, in order to keep my strip simple and easy. but i felt this week the sun setting and the orange-ish skyline was just nice.

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  1. Great job on the background. I’m really a fan of the single background. Though it’s not always applicable, I think this is a perfect use of it in this case. However, I must say tone down the bragging in the blog (“when I poll my girl friends”). Sheesh, not all of us can have more than one girlfriend. haha.

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