ahh, personal style.  it’s so important in the arena of dating and yet we do it usually so subconsciously.  i don’t like the term ‘pea-cocking,’ but in effect, that is what we’re doing.  i mean, what is it about your style that attracts that specific kind of person?  there’s obvious stuff like the way we dress and the way we cut our hair, but it’s also the little nuances, like the way we walk, our posture, our hand gestures, the words we use, a pinky that sticks out when holding a cup – all of it.  i believe it’s all those little stylish things we do that really can add up to make or break an attraction.  all i’m saying is paying attention once in awhile to how you’re presenting yourself could really explain some of our successes and (hopefully not so much) failures.

i was going for that flip-book style animation and i had to have Ace do a very exaggerated walk in order for the punchline to land.  did it work?  i’m not so sure.  did i have fun posing for those stop-scenes?  heck yeah!

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