oh, how far we go sometimes to impress people, especially someone we have a crush on.  from buying new clothes to getting a fresh haircut, what it really does and what’s really important is how it boosts our self-confidence.  i definitely get that little boost whenever i’m wearing a new comic book shirt.  so, is that wrong?  that new stuff and what’s on the outside really makes that much of a difference to how i feel?  i don’t think so.  i don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to impress people.  but to keep it in perspective, the self-confidence i feel should be naturally derived from being just who i am around those people i love.

i usually try to refrain from making jokes based around anything too niche, but c’mon, who doesn’t know about Magic: The Gathering?!  and i def like the way Ivy’s new shirt turned out with her pose.  i’m starting to think Alex needs a new shirt design though.  any ideas?

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  1. What’s Magic: The Gathering? haha. As for a new shirt design. How about the Star Trek emblem? It’s still within the space theme. Plus it’s way cool.

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