what was that again

you’ve got to be careful!  and i’m NOT talking about the person who has to answer the question, i’m talking about the person doing the asking!  simply put, don’t ask any questions you don’t want the answer to!  obviously the above example is a prime one, but even questions about your partner’s past might not be something you want to hear.  or knowing the secret to how he/she keeps herself so pretty all the time.  sometimes you should just leave well enough alone and not ask.  but should you decide to ask anyways (because curiosity is just killing the cat!), just take some ownership of the repercussion.  if you don’t, the next time you ask a question, you may not get the truth anymore.

artwork-wise, pretty happy with this one.  i didn’t even use any models or reference pictures and i’m happy with the posture and what it says visually.  i was really debating on whether or not to draw her into that last panel with folded arms and a frown/scowl.  in the end, i wanted the focus on the two guys, walking away beaten and bruised.

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