once upon a time

ok, hear me out!  this strip may be inspired by a true story, but cases like this are probably not that normal.  what is normal though is in the course of dating or getting to know anyone, we’re going to hear stories told by them.  the goal is by listening to the story, we hope to learn something of interest about that person.  we then take that data and make a determination of some sort, such as we now like that person more or we are now repulsed by it.  all i’m saying is keep that in mind when you’re telling a story!  keep it short if you know your audience has a short attention span, or go into the relevant detail if it’ll add or make the story more exciting.  and of course, be careful of what story you’re telling and what it says about you!

one of the things i like about my cast of characters is the diversity.  the goal of the strip in general is not so much to explore the differences in culture, but actually the similarity of dating and relationships despite any background.  so, with Ace’s date, i tried to go for a more ethnic background, perhaps Native American or Indian.  i say perhaps because i never really made up my mind!

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