be nice

so maybe this exact situation hasn’t happened to you but i’m sure the emotion behind it has.  the feeling of some sort of rejection and all you wanna do is run away, as far and as fast as possible.  and why is that?  why is the automatic reaction is to flee instead of talking it out and just coming to an understanding.  in this case, maybe Ace can’t help it that he’s not (physically or emotionally) attracted to this girl so why does he have to feel bad about it.  just feels like it’s difficult enough trying to find that special someone that we don’t need to feel any worse than we already do sometimes.  so, do me a favor, next time you turn someone down or get turned down, do it nicely.

hmm, i’ve been feeling kinda stagnated lately in my artwork.  throughout last year, i felt like i was really raising my art game but i feel lost now, as far as what to do next to continue challenging me.  should i switch up more art styles?  maybe use different art tools, different nibs, pens, etc?  would love to hear what you all think!

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  1. I always enjoyed your backgrounds. Lately, it seems you’ve gotten away from doing the elaborate backgrounds. I know that I’ve certainly slacked off in my own art in that arena though.

  2. great comments everyone, thanks! i totally hear your comment on funnier strips and you’re right, shading and shadows could add more depth. to the drawing board!!

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