know your place

first, we must admit to ourselves that being in the spotlight, center of attention, is pretty sweet sometimes.  some people crave it all the time while others get it only once in a long time. second, we must admit that people who seek the attention all the time can get tiresome.  so, with most things in life, what’s the balance?  might i suggest the tactic of the wingman into everyday life!  what this means is that your friends should speak highly of you and vice-versa, thus eliminating the awkward seeking-attention reputation!  and as a bonus, your friends will love you so much more!

feel the anger in the second panel!  with the anger comes a tighter fist, thus a more detailed hand showing the fingers.  and the third panel with finn leaning on the table primarily with one arm.  a simple everyday pose and i’m happy i was able to capture it naturally.  and i decided to go sparse on the background cause, well, i don’t think it would’ve added much.

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  1. I like it! i’m horrible at drawing hands…with me it just ends up looking awkward…Yours is fantastic!

  2. thanks! i go between going into full details with fingers and sometimes just hand shapes. it’s surprising how much emotion is portrayed in hand/finger movements. because my characters don’t have eyebrows most of the time, which is a huge way to communicate emotion, i rely more on body movements and poses.

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