surface perfection

there’s a delicate balance between how much information you can tell your friends (and perhaps the world) about the details of your relationship, and how much should really be kept between just you and your partner.  for instance, there are those couple i see that seem just absolutely perfect on the surface, but i wonder how much, if any, do they bicker?  i mean, it’s absolutely believable that they don’t and that there exists those relationships that don’t disagree much.  in the end, i wonder how much we really know about those around us.

i’ve really struggled about how much technology (blogs, texting, twitter, social media, etc.) to incorporate into my strips. i thought by excluding them as much as possible, it would keep the finn comics timeless.  then again, this strip is all about relationships and dating.  since technology has significantly changed the way in which we flirt and romance, perhaps i can’t ignore it too much.

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