so, we all know what the term ‘wingman’ refers to.  and as i learned from one of favorite tv shows back in the day, the Mystery Method dubs the term ‘pivot’ whenever it’s a girl that’s helping a guy hit on a girl.  as tactically useful as a wingman is to a mission, a pivot is simply invaluable.  my point here is a simple one – before you commit to approach or hit on anyone, have a gameplan!  whether it’s a cheesy joke, a wingman, a pivot, a neg, or any number of countless tactics, just make sure you have one. and having an exit plan couldn’t hurt either!

i remember when i drew this it took me forever!  i was really happy with the joke and that the artwork was good enough to reflect such subtle body movements.  then again, looking back now on that last panel, i wish they were a bit more organic.

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