the absolute worst

oh no!  it’s that precise moment when you realize that the person you’ve been fawning over doesn’t see you in that light.  and it hurts.  it turns every confident trait you thought was attractive into literally meaning nothing.  in that moment you realize what you thought was the best part of you is actually just ‘alright.’  and so it hurts.  i say dwell on it.  let that feeling just wash all over you.  and hopefully once it’s done washing over you, you’ll realize that’s just one person.  one person out of literally millions.  so, sharpen that edge and get back out there.  there are better opportunities awaiting.

that last panel was tricky.  how do you depict the friend zone visually?  i toyed around with an invisible wall that finn can’t break through.  then i thought how when you’re in the friend zone, that person can’t help but see nothing but a friend.  so, i stayed simple and just made it a shirt, as f to label or brand finn in front of the public.

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  1. I hate that feeling. I was there way too often during high school and college. The good news though, is that if you keep looking and don’t let yourself get too discouraged, you’ll find your other half someday. I have and it was definitely worth the wait.

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