ask yourself

there’s that phrase, “just put yourself in their shoes” and i think that’s great.  i’ve done that and it really helps to understand the other person’s perspective.  here’s another tactic i like to use, “what would <insert your role model’s name here> do?”  and before you ask, no, i never really ask what would Batman do!  but in the work place and when dealing with various types of people, i do find Picard’s leadership style quite useful.  but as for a relationship, i’m not sure who’s a good role model to have.  in all honestly, your best bet might be, “if she fell in love with me, then what would the ideal version of myself do?”

before you criticize, i swear i drew a decent looking Picard before!  for this strip, i did very rough outlines in pencil and then went straight to inking.  with Picard, that was straigh to ink with a 0.1 Copic multiliner!

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