so, hopefully we’re not going to the extreme of rating our dates (even though there are sites for that!) but i know most people do (and should?) talk about it with your friends afterwards.  i say should because i think a second opinion on how you did and/or having the other person take note of what works and what doesn’t is great.  i learned years ago hogging onto information is no way to live at work.  so, why not translate that into the social scene as well and divulge what works and what doesn’t work to your friends?  it feels like we’re all in this together anyways, let’s make the most of it!

very happy with the concept for this one.  turning the simple silhouette into something a lot more detailed, yet, dare i say, simple!  not sure if the cityscape in the background turned out great, but that’s what happens with you’re crunched for time!

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