convene the board

you get the phone call.  you rush over quick as possible.  your friend is in need.  and you’ve got the answer.

it’s perhaps one of the most important job as a friend – to offer your advice to whatever scenario your friend needs help with.  i think the fact they’re asking you for your thoughts is a great compliment.  not only do they trust you enough, but they feel safe enough to hear what you have to say.  so, don’t abuse it.  offer your heartfelt suggestion and see what happens.  of course, if it’s a friend that calls on you way too often, then well, it’s a good thing we have caller ID these days.

whew, this week’s comic took quite awhile.  trying to draw the realistic style for this week, i still don’t think it’s realistic enough.  but i am happy with the panel breakdown though.  your thoughts?

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  1. That’s funny. BTW it’s ‘Joint Chiefs’ (detail, details). I like the war room art. and the writing on the hallway wall…nice touch.

  2. Loving the Game of Thrones sketches. Haven’t read the books but the series is looking great so far.

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