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it may not seem like it, but today’s strip taps into a much, much larger conversation. do you believe in love at first sight?  do you believe in soul mates?  do you believe there is that ONE person out there you’re destined to be with?  or do you believe there are tons of people out there you’re compatible with and it’s just a matter of how well you get along?  if it’s the latter, then that means there are tons of people out there that you’re hypothetically compatible with.  and then certain decisions (take a left instead of a right, let’s go here instead of staying home, etc.) that led you meet the person you’re ultimately with now.  imagine what else life could’ve been like.  then realize your life right now is awesome and you’d make all the same decisions again.

building off of last week’s strip, we continue some of finn and elle’s intimate time together.  and as you can see, humor should be a huge aspect of that.  this week, i was experimenting some with the background and i think it just got in the way kinda.  they’re supposed to be a bar type place, hence the darker lighting.  but without actual background people, it feels like an abandoned warehouse, which just makes this strip creepy.

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  1. Okay, I’ll bite…

    Compatibility is awesome to get a relationship started but I don’t think it’s smart to rely on compatibility to make it last. I think in the long run, compatibility is not enough to sustain a relationship. Regardless of the level of compatility, that commitment to making it work and choosing to stay together will be what gets you through. Even if compatibility is off the charts, eventually tough times are bound to hit, and compatibility will not be enough. Although, you could argue that having the commitment to making it work is an aspect of compatibility and therefore, it does come back to compatibility to make it last. Now I’ve talked myself into a circle. 🙂

  2. for sure emily, i get what your saying 😛 to meet someone you need you got to be compatible, to have a good relationship with someone you need love, and to make it last you need compatibility. without love its basically friends bordering on crush. Love the first panel btw, last one is a little funny how far away he was compared to the first one. but overall youve really improved wit the body gestures etc. 🙂

  3. fantastic and very insightful comments! i’m gonna have to start getting strip ideas from you two! and maybe you hit home with your comments. with whatever type of relationship, it needs a good foundation of commitment. but how do we see that everyday and not only during the rough patches? how do partners know it’ll always be there, not only during the good times? maybe it’s because we lose sight of commitment that people fall into trouble in a relationship.

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