untrue attitude

don’t lie, you know it’s true.  and it’s quite a paradox for a nice guy to eventually figure out.  that there’s some truth to ignoring a girl or standing your ground firmly that makes her want a guy more.  i think the nice guy perspective is that as long as he does anything and everything for her, she should love him all the more.  once you realize that is false, it becomes a more dynamic relationship, sometimes filled with more selfish and game, but it’s one that will last over the long haul.

so, are you all tired of the bar conversation scenes?  i tried spicing it up with the second and third panel but i sort of like the fact that there’s a constant place where these characters go to have conversations.  should i make it exactly the same place every time?  or would you rather see as many different scenery as possible?

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  1. Yeah I like the idea of the same place 😛 its like Seinfeld at that restaurant, and Friends at Central Perk

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