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we’re going old-school fundamental this week.  this week, we’re talking about what starts everything – the approach!  i know pick-up lines are what they are.  sometimes they work, sometimes they’re great ice breakers, and sometimes they’re just horrible.  so, what we’re talking about is the approach.  what’s the best way to open up a conversation that will eventually lead to something.  i hope females realize how hard and how much pressure that is already.  now, throw in the fact you may have 5 minutes to work with, while being bombarded with loud music, and maybe even people bumping into you.  ah man, i just get tired and exhausted just thinking of it!

overall, just fun to draw this week’s art.  it’s got a little perspective, a little closeup, and just some random characters. all fun to draw!  coloring on the other hand is still a bit of a chore.  i wish i could enjoy doing that aspect of it more.  i know it pays off in the end with a more eye-catching image, but it’s still tedious at times.

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  1. I picked “a reason why we’re talking” because it’s worked great – specifically, when:
    a) She’s doing something that she’s obviously involved in (e.g., reading a book, picking out a bottle of wine, etc.), and
    b) I’m close enough to notice without seeming creepy.

    All that you need then is, “So, tell me about [title of book] … ” or (if I’ve been examining the wines/etc. for awhile, and she has, too), “Whaddya think: the $3 Chuck, or the $5 Merlot?” Gives you that reason to talk, *and* allows her to provide info about what’s important/engaging to *her* – something every breathing human being likes.

    Another good one, when being introduced: when they ask, “what do you do?”, reply with your favorite hobbies/sports/etc. – everyone expects to hear about what your work is, so giving them your activities changes the conversation to something where you can see if you’re actually compatible. It helps to have an unusual and fun way to describe your activity.

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