sketch night!

YES!  the return of sketch night!  these days it takes place at the very cool Geek Easy, located inside one of Orlando’s best comic shops, A Comic Shop.  i’m afraid i can’t expound too much on what the model dressed up as, but i assume it’s an anime character.  how did i know? because she had a 8 foot long sniper rifle prop!  we start off below with 30 second sketches, using a black Copic sketch marker.

tonight’s model goes by Arsenic Arson.  and all night long, she didn’t break a smile!  very intense and very cool.  below are 1 minute sketches.

so, here’s where i begin to experiment more.  the last sketch night i did, i focused on body frame and posture.  tonight, i just, well, do whatever.  between using crosshatch shadings and just trying to elaborate more on features to make it more comic-book-y.  below are the 5 minute sketches, done in Copic multiliner 0.1.

next is a 15 minute sketch but i had problems with my trusty mechanical pencil!  eventually i gave up on fixing it to proceed with the sketch. Copic multiliner 0.5.

tonight’s sketch challenge is to incorporate robot dinosaurs.  i tried to incorporate some of what the model was projecting.  15 minutes with 5 minutes of touchup.

and the night ends with 2 more 15 minute sketches.  i really like the below images.  i was starting to get tired and fearing my artwork was degrading.  but i think i pulled it off and was very happy with the whole night.  i think my morning sketches have been really helping to get better at drawing in general.

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