if the feedback is negative, it never feels good.  criticism, even if it’s true, and even if we’ve known about, it never feels good.  but maybe, it’s necessary.  maybe we to hear it from someone who cares about us so that we may catch ourselves next time.  but, it never feels good.  i wise person told me that with any feedback, just be open to it and don’t be defensive about it.  it may not be 100% accurate or true, but maybe even 5% of it is.  so, just sit back, be open, and take it.  cause i’m willing to bet, the person who’s giving us the feedback isn’t enjoying it either.  let’s make it easier for everybody cause we all care.

lots of fun to draw this week’s strip.  flipping to the more realistic style is always fun and presents new challenges.  and that last panel really portrayed what i was going for, a bit of a loving environment but still not enjoyable.

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