sketch night!

one of my favorite nights came and went last week – sketch night!  hosted the first Wednesday of every month in The Geek Easy at A Comic Shop in Orlando, FL.  quite the contrast from last months model who was seriously in character the whole time and didn’t so much crack a smile.  this month’s model was interactive and smiling, which gave a very positive vibe for the night.  as always, we start off with 30 second poses and i’m working in Copic Sketch markers.

next, the one minute poses, still with the Copic Sketch.  so, i should mention, our model is dress as an anime character.  i have no idea which one though!

for the 5 minute poses, i quickly went to a rough thick pencil to get an idea of the form and shape.  then quickly to Copic 0.5 multiliner for the real inking and adjusting on the fly.  on the second image, i poke fun Rob Liefield, a famous comic book artist from the 90’s, who was notorious for not drawing feet or if he did, it’ll look like tippy-toes!

next is a 10 minute pose.  again, i did roughs with a thick pencil.  what happened here though (and often does) is that i realized i got the proportions wrong.  in this case, her torso was too long.  so, when i moved onto the inks, i adjusted on the fly.  obviously not the best practice, for quick drawings, it’s been working well for me.

for the contest sketch tonight, the model weighed in and wanted to incorporate Transformers and a rich 80’s famous singer. why? because she switch costumes and is now from Jem and the Holograms!  specifically, she was the green haired leader of the Misfits!  if you don’t know what i’m talking about, you gotta go find this cartoon classic!  and guess what, i won for tonight!  sweet deal!

and we finish off the night with two more 10 minute sketches.  boy does the night fly by when you’re having fun!

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