sketch night!

it’s that fantastic time of the month again, known as sketch night!  again, hosted at the great Geek Easy of A Comic Shop, i’m joined by Wheezy and Chibar.  tonight’s model is a burlesque model and goes by Kza Von Addams.

with each of these sketch nights, i try to practice a particular skill.  for this month, i was trying to go a bit more extreme and exaggerated with my art, ala Skottie Young.  as you’ll see, i think i failed that goal miserably.  that’s ok, as long as i have a drawing utensil in my, it’s all good.

let’s start off with these 30 second sketches.  instead of the Copic Sketch marker, i’m using a Copic 0.5 multiliner.

followed quickly with 1 minute sketches.  the model was moving quite a bit, but still good.

for the first 5 minute sketch, i got a bit frustrated with my lack of ability to capture the pose and even the emotion quickly enough.  i thought a change up of tool would help, and i liked my third attempt with the Copic sketch marker.

for the lone 10 minute sketch, i was all over the place.  i thought i’d start off with thick pencils to get the form first, but i quickly grew frustrated with where i was going.  got to some inks, but not much.

tonight’s challenge was to incorporate a peacock into the picture!  even though i had drawn one before, apparently it’s been too long because when i started drawing it, it looked more like a turkey!

the night concluded with two final 15 minute sketches.  i took liberties with this time to just work on some faces.  i desperately wanted to capture more of her emotion.  i know for every line i drew on her face added like 5 years to her age, but i’m experimenting!  as always, though, lots of fun, especially with friends.

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